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Enjoy these services at the location of your convenience for a nominal transportation and setup fee

Silk Wrap Repair(Per Nail)
30 AED
Manicure Normal (45min)
100 AED
Manicure French (60min)
110 AED
Pedicure Normal (60 min)
110 AED
Pedicure French(75min)
130 AED
Manicure&Pedicure Normal (90min)
200 AED
Manicure&Pedicure French(90min)
220 AED
Change Polish Hand Normal (30min)
70 AED
Change Polish Toes Normal (30min)
70 AED
Change Polish Toes French(30min)
80 AED
Cut & File Hands or Toes(45min)
50 AED
Spa Manicure
160 AED
Spa Pedicure
180 AED
Spa Manicure&Spa Pedicure(120min)
310 AED
Gelish Manicure Normal (60min)
170 AED
Gelish Manicure French(60min)
180 AED
Gelish Pedicure Normal (60min)
180 AED
Gelish Pedicure French(60min)
200 AED
Gelish Mani&Pedi Normal (120min)
320 AED
Gelish Mani&Pedi French(120min)
360 AED
Removal Hands Or Feet(30min)
50 AED
Gelish Change Nail Polish Hands or Feet (45min)
100 AED
Nail Art per Nail(15min)
20 AED
Hands or Feet Treatment(30min)
60 AED
Paraffin Hands(50min)
140 AED
Paraffin Feet(60min)
160 AED
Foot Scrub (60min).
60 AED
Callus Treatment(60min).
90 AED